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Product Description

Are you looking for new items for your pets to try?  Do you want to be the first to try our newest finds for our Dog Krazy family?  Our Krazy Krates are filled with a variety of our newest and our favorite full-sized items shipped right to your door! 

This months Krazy Krate is filled with new toys, treats, and chews for your dogs to try!  

There are three sizes to choose from, small, medium and large.  Please let us know if your pet has any allergies and if you also have a krazy cat! We want to include something for every furry family member! 

Please also include your pet’s name and if they are a boy or a girl!

Each box contains more than $75 in full sized products.  

10% of all Krazy Krate sales help to feed dogs and cats at our local rescues.


What if I don’t love something in the Krazy Krate?


Although we try to make sure everything in your Krazy Krate is awesome, Our Krates come as one package, which is how we’re able to offer such a great value, so we can’t break down the components of a box. But hey – If you donate that item(s) to a local shelter and send us proof, we’ll send you a gift in your next box.  



  • Weight: 128 oz
  • Width: 14 in
  • Depth: 12 in
  • Height: 10 in

9 reviews

Loved it

Posted by Michelle on July 24, 2020

Really nice mix of fun treats, toys, and different foods and meal toppers to try out. Will probably purchase again

Great value

Posted by Becky britt on July 21, 2020

My girls love getting the stuffy toys and treats. It makes us try something new.. and I know I won’t be feeding my girls trash.. and toxins. I trust dog Krazy …

Love! Love! Love this krate!!

Posted by Jessica Trammell on June 13, 2020

My dogs absolutely loved everything in this krate. So many great things inside. The new treats got everyone’s approval, they were delicious and both mastiffs were super excited for the new bones they received, by far their favorite items! Thanks again, I think this will become a monthly treat for my pups! Love Dog Krazy ❤️

More bang for your buck!

Posted by Teresa Mathern on June 12, 2020

Such high quality items all in one box. I would have spent a lot more if purchased each separately. Plus made my girls REALLY happy.

More than I ever dreamed

Posted by Katie Durham on June 12, 2020

This krate is fantastic. It contained so many new products and treats for my boy to try. When you have a picky dog who can’t quite decide what he likes, you’ll try anything. This krate keeps him engaged and excited, not allowing him to get bored with chews, treats, or toys. I love it and so does he.

Toys ♥️

Posted by Becky britt on June 12, 2020

I find this quite a value for the money. My lab Jasmin particularly enjoys Go Dog squeaky plush toys.
when she decided to go at it at 4 in the morning I let her because I knew she was happy. Lol

Kema enjoy balls of many textures. She got a new ball and it’s her new obsession.

Can’t wait to try the treats that came in it… I’m careful about buying anything I don’t think they would like but I’m pretty sure they’re going to eat all this stuff up.

Dog Crazy Krate

Posted by Tammi Ellis on June 9, 2020

Finn loved the krate! There were many items that were new to both of us. He loved the treats and toys. It seems to be a great value for everything we received. Thanks!

Krazy Krate

Posted by Tori on June 9, 2020

I do think I got a lot of stuff for the price!! My dogs loved it!! I can’t wait to see what the next one is!!

Such a great box!

Posted by Billy Hollenbach on June 8, 2020

Just got our first box and i can’t say enough about how great this is. We’ve done more than our share of subscription boxes and this is easily my favorite so far. I love the personal touch on the box, and our dog loved the treats and toys. Our cats also got some enjoyment out of the box, both what was inside and the box itself. We love Dog Krazy.